• A studio recording experience that will make a difference by Izzy Greatrex

    A month ago I was told that Shoshana was doing a charity single for the shootings in the Sandy Hook school in Connecticut. As soon as I was told I was all for it! It is such a sad time or everyone involved and I really wanted to help! On our first rehearsal it was the auditions, it was such a friendly environment because I knew everyone there and had grown to love all of them. Not all of us sung solos but we all worked really hard that day and I couldn’t wait to find out if I got a solo part!

    The next rehearsals we were just practicing the two songs we were doing for the single (you’ve got a friend-James Taylor and you’ve got a friend in me-Toy story) and it was so friendly so I didn’t care if I made a fool of my self when I sung, everyone was so lovely!

    The next rehearsals were in a different place and that is when we found out who got solos! Emily, Charlotte and I got solo parts in You’ve got a friend and in You’ve got a friend in me the younger girls and the boys had group parts!

    Every Wednesday and sometimes on a Monday we had rehearsals and it was so much fun just doing what we all love! Singing!

    Then it was the day of the recording! We all turned up at the studio and waited and waited for Shoshana to arrive, she was late AGAIN! But then she arrived, and we all got settled in to the studio! The man that was recording us was really nice too! He explained everything so we all understood and then we got started! We did vocal warm ups and started to record. We had to be super silent because the microphones can detect a lot of sound so we had to keep doing different takes until we got it right! It was so much fun!

    I really enjoyed being a part of this amazing family and would recommend that if you can do something like this…DO IT! You will have so much fun and it is so worth all the hard work that everyone puts in to make it happen! Thank you so much Cuprojects for this amazing opportunity! AND THANKYOU to Southcourt Studios Aylesbury for your help and amazing studio that helped make this happen

    UPDATE - cd has gone to design and should be available to purchase soon - all proceeds will go to The Sandy Hook School Community IN newtown USA

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    • 1. Feb 23 2013 12:47PM by willetts

      very proud of all of you

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