Ways to Make Moving to a New Apartment Easier

March 16, 2021

Ways to Make Moving to a New Apartment Easier

Are you preparing to move to a new apartment? Preparing for a move can be exciting when you consider how you’ll decorate your new home and what you’ll find in your new neighborhood.

You may be feeling a little excited as moving day arrives, and your “to-do” list grows longer. The key to a smooth apartment transfer is to decide ahead of time what you’ll do and when you’ll do it. With ten ways to make your apartment transfer more manageable, we’ve got you covered.

Change your mailing address.

The apartment transfer is on once you’ve signed your contract, so make it official. You may submit a change of your new address requesting by online. To ensure that you don’t miss any mail and defend yourself from possible fraud, file early. By completing this phase ahead of schedule, you will have one less thing to think about later.

Make contact with your service providers.

Make contact with your telephone, cable, and utility companies. Schedule your current address’s cancellation for the day after the transfer, and have your new address’s lights and heat switched on the day before the move.

Notify your mates that you are relocating.

Make your announcements stand out with one of these Pinterest-inspired ideas. Are you short on time? Make use of postcards. Fill in the date and address in the message section with something like: “I’m so excited to let you know my new home address as of—”

Make arrangements for the movers.

If you’re hiring experienced movers, plan ahead of time and talk about the costs upfront. There are some moving companies charge a flat fee plus the crew’s hourly salaries, while others charge extra for items like blankets used to wrap the furniture (whether you request them or not). You have the right to do a request and receive a full cost analysis in writing.

Make a list of everything you own.

This can become the most challenging aspect of any transfer, but putting in the effort now will make the whole procedure go more smoothly. Start with the most extensive parts and work your way down. Sell or donate them if they won’t work in your new home. For smaller things like books, clothing, and trinkets, get rid of something that doesn’t make you happy. 

Organize a fantastic yard sale.

Put all on one table with a “$1 each!” note, except for the high-dollar products (in yard sale terms, this means everything you’re selling for $10 or more) to simplify any yard sale. People adore dollar deals! This move will allow you to concentrate on marketing your higher-value goods rather than haggling over a few cents here and there. Take what didn’t sell to a charitable drop-off site at the end of the day.

Organize your belongings for the first few days.

Clothing, shower and makeup products, medication and supplements, pajamas, and your favorite pillow should all be packed in a suitcase. Towels, toilet paper, and paper towels should be added. You won’t have to unpack because you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips.

Layers and packing by room.

Choose the things you’ll need right away for each room. For example, you won’t need your holiday dishes right away when you move in, but you can search for a can opener or a corkscrew. Combine a few things for the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom and place them at the top of each room’s moving box.

The easy way to transfer your clothes.

Leave your clothes hanging on the racks. Pull a clean heavy-duty trash bag over a group of hangers, allowing the hangers to puncture the bag (as the dry cleaner does for a transparent bag over a suit), and tie the bag’s bottom. Place the bag in a big box (like this one) and hang the pieces in your new closet when you get to your new place. To make unpacking clothes in dresser drawers easier, pack each drawer into its own small box.

Treat your pals as if they’re rock stars.

Make it a fun day for you if your buddies are assisting you with your apartment relocation. Send a text a few days before the transfer to confirm the day’s start time. Stock the refrigerator with beverages, sandwiches, and snacks the day before the transfer. Please send a text message to each friend the night before the transfer, asking what they’d like from the local café in the morning. If your friends are driving, make sure you have cash on hand for petrol.

Finally, to make the process of moving into an apartment as simple as possible, once the transfer is complete, relax. You’ve achieved a lot, and now it’s time to relax and enjoy yourself. Take your time unpacking to build a quiet oasis you’ll be happy to call “home.”